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Learn how cloudigy.io can save money, optimize process & maximize your efficiency.

A Unified Platform To Manage Multiple Cloud Environments

cloudigy.io is a Next Gen Multi Cloud Management Platform.

cloudigy.io easily interfaces and integrates with various environments across public clouds, streams data, correlates it and provides contextual insights required for businesses to make decisions about their critical workloads.

Through this integrated platform all aspects of cloud management – Cost, Resource Utilization, Security, Compliance can be managed across organizations public clouds.

Cloud Cost Management


Cloud Security & Compliance


Key Features Of cloudigy.io

Business Context

cloudigy.io provides personalized service by capturing implicit & explicit service objectives to understand, monitor, manage & deliver better. It correlates information across clouds, internal tools and provides insights to achieve business objectives.

Mobile / Responsive

cloudigy.io is a responsive tool built on cloud that can be accessed using any desktop, tablet or mobile devices from anywhere. This helps in managing end-to-end cloud operations and activities on-the-go without having to login to different systems.

Unified Platform

cloudigy.io works cross-platform and across devices making it available with right information at the right time to fit everyone’s need even while travelling in today’s mobility world, making it accessible at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Visual Operations

Using cloudigy.io's easy-to-use prebuilt components, workflow management tools and automation modules, one can easily manage, track and automate different cloud environments with a click of a button without having to write a single line of code.

Correlated Insights

cloudigy.io captures and monitors various parameters, logs and provide regular insights to optimize the individual cloud environments. This will help managers easily manage the tasks to meet business goals and meet expectations.

Granular View

cloudigy.io offers both enterprise view as well as individual workload / environment view across all domains and servers added in the system. In addition, you also get a 360 degree view on all your cloud operations at different levels.

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Foundational Components


Cognitive BOT Army that monitors, course corrects and ensures adherence to all the security policies, regulations, service level objectives, financials, resource usage.


The Intelligence Engine has algorithms that correlates streamed data  and provides contextual insights required for businesses to  make decisions about their critical workloads.


Rich, Relevant and Role based dashboards with specific filters and drill downs ensures channelization of attention and efforts to right cloud activities.

AOV Of Cloudigy

Achieve More With cloudigy.io


Increase Operation Efficiency

Connect, manage & automate day-to-day cloud operations using cloudigy.io to save operational costs & increase efficiency.


Security Compliance

Add a layer of safety check to your private and public server to achieve better security & regulatory compliances.


Reduced Cloud Costs

By providing contextual insights to make critical workloads, cloudigy.io helps you save your cloud storage costs.


Business SLA Compliance

By automating and easing the cloud operations on your server, achieve better resource efficiency.

How It Works?

Step 1:

Connect your data, create contracts and choose your desired rules or preset options for most common servers.

Step 2:

Setup custom rules, resource management settings and contracts for from our administration panel.

Step 3:

Monitor and automate your tasks on the go from our dashboard to achieve better results and cut down costs.

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How To Get Started With cloudigy.io?

Choose An Appropriate Plan

Getting started with cloudigy.io is very simple.

We offer 3 plans catering to different business segments – Starter, Growth & Enterprise Plans. Choose an appropriate plan that meets your requirement. In case you don’t find your desired plan, you can craft your own.

After you sign up, we will create a unique ID for your business account and share the credentials with you. You can get in touch with our customer success team if you need help in setting up your cloudigy.io and working around it.

Connect Accounts And Setup Rules

Once you have access to your cloudigy.io account, with a few clicks you can easily add multiple server hosts and contracts that needs to be managed.

Rest will be taken care by cloudigy.io. Your accounts are automatically connected and monitored by our system that will be translated into visual data.

Manage Under One Dashboard

Once the server is connected, cloudigy.io provides actionable insights and analysis for optimizing your server connection, costs, resources and more. This data can is visual and will be automatically interpreted into visual form.

Through visual platform, you can automatically optimize and run tasks through cloudigy.io

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Solutions Offered By cloudigy.io

Cloud Cost Management
Cloud Operations
Cloud Security & Compliance
Cloud Governance