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A passionate team of cloud computing experts making a change in the way tech is handled

Go-getters With 50+ Years Of Collective Experience.

We are a passionate team of cloud enthusiasts building technology and solutions to solve business problems.

The problem that most businesses face on the technology side today is effective management of multiple cloud servers spread across different providers. Even though there are many solutions addressing the problem with a vertical approach, the problem is still vague in terms of scalability and resource / cost management.

Hence cloudigy.io, a visual unified solution driven by the vertical approach towards cloud management, thereby interfacing and integrating various environments across clouds to seamlessly stream the data for effective governance, cost management, resource management and enhancing overall process.

cloudigy.io can be your go-to partner for effective governance without having to learn the scripting or management of various clouds, but still control and manage using the visual platform that is offered at the user end. The process and management on cloudigy.io is so easy that one can easily use low skilled resources to manage the hectic and tedious process of cloud management.

Management Team At cloudigy.io

Rajesh Krishna

20+ years experience in building technology business. He was in leadership roles at Infosys and Genpact in America and Europe. Rajesh has co-founded several tech companies providing complex solutions to enterprises.

Venkatesh Sagaru

20+ years hands on experience in IT Infrastructure design, deployment and management. Led build out of 10+ semi private cloud data centers across globe for a large MNC and Infrastructure service for 100M+ SaaS product.


20+ Years experience in Product Engineering / Application Architecture, Design and Development. Vast experience with both Enterprise and SME companies in developing next gen cloud products.

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