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Meet Cloudigy - A Next Gen Multi Cloud Management Platform.

Cloud Management Challenges

Making a move to the cloud is a mandate for all organizations in this competitive computing. The journey to the cloud is exhilarating but fraught with a number of challenges.

No unified view of the entire cloud infrastructure. Shadow IT organisations are mushrooming.


Different workloads have different SLA’s / environment that needs individual dependency.


Cost overruns, governance & compliance issues, orphaned environment, suboptimal resource utilisation, etc.

False Alerts

Too many alerts and notifications makes it challenging to prioritize and identify impacted stakeholders.


Cloud specific scripting knowledge and more number of resources needed to manage day-to-day tasks.


Limited automation & optimization leading to increased cloud costs, debatable customer service, etc.

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Key Features Of Cloudigy.io

Business Context

Cloudigy provides personalized service by capturing implicit & explicit service objectives to understand, monitor, manage & deliver better. It correlates information across clouds, internal tools and provides insights to achieve business objectives.

Mobile / Responsive

Cloudigy.io is a responsive tool built on cloud that can be accessed using any desktop, tablet or mobile devices from anywhere. This helps in managing end-to-end cloud operations and activities on-the-go without having to login to different systems.

Unified Platform

Cloudigy works cross-platform and across devices making it available with right information at the right time to fit everyone’s need even while travelling in today’s mobility world, making it accessible at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Visual Operations

Using Cloudigy.io's easy-to-use prebuilt components, workflow management tools and automation modules, one can easily manage, track and automate different cloud environments with a click of a button without having to write a single line of code.

Correlated Insights

Cloudigy captures and monitors various parameters to logs and provide regular insights on the whereabouts to optimize the individual cloud environments. This will help managers easily manage the tasks to meet business goals and meet expectations.

Granular View

Cloudigy.io offers both enterprise view as well as individual workload / environment view across all domains and servers added in the system. In addition, you also get a 360 degree view on all your cloud operations at different levels.

How It Works?

Step 1:
Connect your data, create contracts and choose your desired rules or preset options for most common servers.
Step 2:
Setup custom rules, resource management settings and contracts for from our administration panel.
Step 3:
Monitor and automate your tasks on the go from our dashboard to achieve better results and cut down costs.

Solutions Offered By Cloudigy.io

Cost Management
Operations Management
Security & Compliance
Cloud Governance

Manage your cloud servers with Cloudigy and cut down costs and resources in no time.